How do I book you as my wedding florist?

Once you fill out our contact form, I will be in touch shortly to learn more about you wedding vision. Our first conversation will be over the phone to discuss your needs and how we can help make your vision a reality. Afterwards I will send you an estimate and if it feels like we’re a good match, I will send an invoice with the retainer fee. Once that has been submitted, I will create a detailed design plan for you and we will have meetings over coffee to make sure we have captured your vision and your wedding day is everything you imagined and more!

How much do wedding flowers cost?

It depends on SO much. Seasonality, demand, complexity of design…

We are a seasonally-based floral company, meaning that we do our best to supply local blooms whenever possible. We can typically get whatever flowers you want, but seasonal, local flowers mean helping our farmers, and it’s usually more eco-friendly. For instance, peonies are an early spring flower where we are. They bloom from March to May and come again in November-January sometimes. If you really want peonies in July, they will be very expensive and due to their nature, difficult to keep happy in the heat, making it very expensive. Choosing them for a April wedding would be a quarter of the cost compared to having them in July.

We start our personal flowers at $1400 and full wedding floral design at $2500. What does $1400 include, for example?

Again it depends on many factors, but if you went with all seasonal flowers for a June wedding, our minimum order could cover:

1 Bridal Bouquet, 5 Bridesmaids Bouqs, 11 boutonnieres(Groom, 4 Groomsmen, 2 Dads, 2 Grandfathers, 1 Officiant), and 4 corsages, and sales tax.